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An adjuvant is added to a pesticide product or pesticide spray mixture to enhance the pesticide’s performance and/or the physical properties of the spray mixture.

The proper adjuvant may reduce or even eliminate spray application problems, thereby improving overall pesticide effectiveness. Because adjuvants themselves have no pesticidal properties, they are not required to be registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Also, most states, including Pennsylvania, do not regulate the distribution of adjuvants.


  • Audible 16oz

    Audible lowers the surface tension of the tank mix allowing spray droplets to spread upon contact. Increased contact area drives pesticide actives into the plant faster. Allows water to penetrate hydrophobic surfaces, ensuring delivery of actives.

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  • Leaf Shield ((2.5 Gallons)

    LeafShield is a wax emulsion concentrate that, when applied to foliage, dries to a thin flexible waxy layer. LeafShield holds moisture in the leaves and will reduce transpiration stress associated with transplanting, transporting, winter/summer...

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  • Offside (1Gallon)

    Offside™ improves the accuracy of spray applications by maximizing the percentage of droplets that conform to the ideal size range as they pass through a spray system. Droplets that are larger than the ideal range will tend to bounce off the target...