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Repellants & Traps

  • Bailey Live Catch Beaver Trap

    Bailey Live Catch Beaver TrapConstructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and chain link mesh. A beaver triggers it when swimming over the trap and bumps the T-bar, causing the spring loaded aluminum jaws to snap into place. To remove trapped beavers,...

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  • Bird Repellant Ribbon

    Bird Repeller Ribbon, 2” x 100’ Roll Effectively keeps birds away from ground crops, fruit trees and vines, and any other area where birds are a nuisance. Holographic, iridescent polyester tape creates a visual discomfort zone for birds and other...

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  • Bird Stop Liquid Bird Deterrent, 1-Gallon

    BIRD STOP Repellent Environmentally safe, it is made from a bitter, smelly part of concord grapes (active ingredient: methyl anthranilate) which serves as a taste aversion agent leaving treated food sources unpalatable and inedible for geese, ducks,...

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  • Deer Off - 32 oz. Concentrate

    Deer-Off Animal Repellent, 32 oz. Concentrate Repels not only deer, but also rabbits, squirrels, voles, moles, and other pests! Deer-Off is made from natural, food-based active ingredients. Its Dual Deterrent System™ utilizes both an odor and a taste...

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  • Plantskydd Animal Repellent

    Plantskydd Animal Repellent, 10 Packets Effective protection against deer, rabbits, and elk. The first animal repellent to earn an Organic listing by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Rain resistant formula acts as a foliar fertilizer. Apply to...

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  • Tenax DIY Deer Fence Kit, 7' x 100'

    Tenax Deer Net Folded, 7’ x 100’ Lightweight, economical, and easy to install! This folded net offers excellent seasonal protection for trees, flowers, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables. Tight mesh openings ensure superior strength. UV stabilized,...

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  • Victor® Mole Trap

    Victor Mole TrapAn effective plunger-type trap with a six-prong spear. Finished with a rust-resistant coating. Equipped with safety release pin.Note: The use of certain traps is restricted in some states. Check with your local game office to determine...

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