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A miticide is a chemical pesticide that specifically targets plant mites. Mites are tiny insects that are closely related to spiders and ticks. There are several types of mites, and once established in a plant host they can damage the health of the plant. Additionally, mites can transmit viruses and diseases to your plants. Mites can be treated with both broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum miticides.

  • Floramite 1 Qt.

    Floramite SC is a selective miticide that provides outstanding control of a variety of mites. Floramite provides quick knockdown through contact activity and long lasting residual control. Floramite is easy on predacious mites and beneficial insects,...

  • Hexygon (Bifenazate 22.6%) 6 oz.

    Hexygon® is a proven long lasting miticide, providing consistent residual control for up to 60 days in proper conditions. Hexygon’s unique mode of action provides effective ovicidal and immature stage control. Hexygon is ideal for established ornamental...