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Rainbow Tree Care Scientific

  • Acelepryn SC (1 Gallon)

    Acelepryn SC Insecticide is for foliar and systemic control of white grubs and pests that infest on landscape/recreational turfgrass (includes golf courses), interior plantscapes, sod farms and...

  • Agri-Fos (2.5 Gallon)

    ACTIVE INGREDIENT Phosphorus Acid 45.8% EPA SIGNAL WORD Caution UNIT SIZE 2.5 Gallon , 1 Gallon UNIT MAKES/TREATS (HIGH) 2.5 Gallons (Equal Parts Agri-fos and Water) UNIT MAKES/TREATS...

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  • Aracinate (1 Qt.)

    Aracinate Aracinate is a systemic miticide/insecticide that is used with Micro-injection Systems. It controls of a wide variety of mites and insects in situations where soil application or foliar...

  • Arbotect 20-S

    Arbotect 20-S Arbotect 20-S is the industry standard fungicide for the prevention of Dutch elm disease and suppression of sycamore anthracnose. One application of Arbotect by macro-infusion...

  • Cambistat (2 Liter)

    Cambistat Plant Growth Regulator, PGR is a plant growth regulator that slows the vegetative growth of plants by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis. Cambistat is designed to gently and predictably...

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  • Carbaryl 4L (Sevin) 2.5 Gallon

    Carbaryl 4L Carbaryl 4L is a broad spectrum foliar spray that offers a number of benefits: ease of application, short PHI, and no phytotoxicity. Carbaryl has two distinct properties that account for...

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  • CuPro 5000 (3 lbs)

    CuPRO is a copper-based foliar fungicide used for control of foliar disease. This fungicide as also been shown to provide suppression of fireblight. CuPRO, when used as a preventative spray...

  • Distance (pyriproxyfen 11.23%)

    Distance Insect Growth Regulator is a unique compound that is practically non-toxic to humans, animals, and birds. Its active ingredient will interrupt larval growth of target pests while having no...

  • Floramite 1 Qt.

    Floramite SC is a selective miticide that provides outstanding control of a variety of mites. Floramite provides quick knockdown through contact activity and long lasting residual control...

  • HTI 2000 Soil Injector

    HTI Soil Injector. We hate flowmeters. They’re like trying to stop the gas pump right at $20.00 even - nearly impossible. The HTI 2000 was created to be the most accurate soil injection probe ever...

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