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  • Agratronix Soil Compaction Tester

    Dickey-John Soil Compaction Tester Long, stainless steel rod (with depth marks of 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, and 18”) can be inserted to 24”, allowing you to test compaction levels as far down as subsoiling depths. As...

  • Extech® Environmental Meter

    This rugged 5-in-1 Environmental Meter measures Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Light and Sound. Features include: a large dual LCD for simultaneously displaying Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity; Data Hold and Min/Max functions; a...

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  • Kelway® Soil pH and Moisture Meter

    Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter A sensitive electrode measures pH values from 3.5 to 8, soil moisture from 0 to 100%. Requires no chemical, distilled water, or outside electric power source. Numerous readings can be easily taken over a large area...

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  • LaMotte Soil Analysis Kit

    LaMotte Professional Soil Analysis KitTests for nitrate nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, sulfates, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, chlorides, ferric iron, calcium, humus, and pH. Contains solutions and equipment for 50...

  • LaMotte Soil N-P-K Kit

    Determine the high/medium/low concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in soil. Includes enough TesTab tablet reagents to run 50 tests each for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; 1 extraction tube; 3 capped test tubes; 1 eyedropper;...

  • LaMotte® StormWatch MS4 Water Analysis Kit

    LaMotte® StormWatch MS4 Water Analysis KitIncludes instrumentation and reagent systems to test the pollutant load of stormwater outflow after a precipitation event. Kit tests for ammonia, color, conductivity, hardness, pH, potassium, TDS and turbidity...

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  • Nastek Plant Stress Detection Glasses

    See plant and turf stress 2 to 10 days before it is visible to the naked eye! Utilizing technology developed by NASA scientists, the premium quality polycarbonate lens blocks out the green spectrum reflected from chlorophyll found in healthy vegetation...

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